Artstein Legal

At Artstein Legal we adopt a common sense approach to our work. That means we provide accessible, clear & relevant legal advice without the complexity or uncertainty that can sometimes be associated with the law. After all, that is what we are trained to do.  We tend to think of our firm as client-centric (focusing on your needs first) and we take our professional responsibilities seriously, including the importance of a transparent fee structure.  We are particularly proud of our ‘lateral’ approach to thinking about the issues our clients raise and consider one of our strongest skills to be problem solving, modelled on our depth of knowledge of the law.

About Us

Who are we?

Artstein Legal is based on “Artstein’s Theorem“, which attempts to apply 

rationality to a constantly dynamic and changing environment. 


Artstein Legal is a commercial and corporate law firm, servicing our clients
with ‘in-house’ business law solutions, legal education and training.  
We are a boutique legal practice, founded by Stephanie Dyball.


You can read more about our founder and the origins of Artstein’s Law and discover more about our team here.



How we can help you


Providing advice on the establishment, structure and composition of your business.


Assisting your business with corporate and commercial transactions..


Advising on legal compliance requirements and general contract advice.


Advising your business on the legal requirements of raising capital and equity.


Managing litigation, including employment, competition or shareholder claims.


Providing strategic legal frameworks to assist with dispute resolution.